Harahan mayor puts the brakes on traffic cameras

Harahan mayor puts the brakes on traffic cameras

HARAHAN, LA (WVUE) - Harahan Mayor Tina Miceli has put her foot down, saying she will not allow traffic cameras to be installed around the city.  The city council recently voted on a traffic camera ordinance that would have implemented the installation of automated traffic cameras.  Miceli said on Friday that she will veto that measure, basically preventing the cameras from being installed.;
Says Past Chiefs of Police Filed Speeding and Traffic Issues with Patrols

Miceli says the ordinance was requested by Harahan Police Chief Tim Walker.  Said Miceli, "After extensive conversations with former members of Harahan law enforcement and a thorough review of the Harahan Police Department history of traffic control, it is apparent to me that Harahan does not need traffic cameras if the chief of police deploys his officers in a manor consistent with past administrations."

Miceli says she received numerous calls and correspondences complaining about the potential traffic camera system. "Many of our citizens have indicated their displeasure with the vote taken by the council to allow traffic cameras. Many believe they will destroy the charm of a quaint community. Many have voiced concern that they do not see controls as they have in past years. By vetoing this ordinance, we can protect the integrity of our community and the safety of our people."

Miceli notified Walker and the council members of her intent to veto this ordinance by letter sent this afternoon.  We are reaching out to council members and the police chief for reaction.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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