Saints Hire specialist Kevin O'Dea

Saints Hire specialist Kevin O'Dea

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - When you've had three field goals blocked, with two of them being returned for scores, alarm bells begin to blare. Help is needed and for the Saints, that help needed to come from the outside.

Thats why Sean Payton reached out to Kevin O'Dea, who's been a special teams coach in the NFL for years now. His area of expertise, according to Payton, is with the snap, hold and kick on field goals and extra points.

The Saints have had three kicks blocked and two returned for either a touchdown or a defensive two-point conversion this season. The latest block came Thursday against the Carolina Panthers.

O'Dea joins a staff that includes longtime special teams coordinator Greg McMahon and special teams assistant Stan Kwan.

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