What makes a traditional New Orleans Thanksgiving spread?

What makes a traditional New Orleans Thanksgiving spread?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - You're probably finalizing your Thanksgiving grocery list and headed to the store to stock up. So, what do you have to have for a traditional New Orleans spread?

"Turkey in any kind of form - it's baked, smoked, fried turkeys, turduckens," said Langenstein's owner H.D. Lanaux. "And then for dressings, oyster dressing, pecan dressing, cornbread, cornbread and crawfish, we make a delicious creamed spinach casserole."

"Every year the oysters are very popular. We also sell a lot of fresh crab meat, lump crab meat for dips and dressings as well, along with shrimp and even crawfish tails, Louisiana crawfish tails are popular," said Rouse's Advertising and Marketing Director Tim Acosta.

"Another must-have is the peeled shrimp. We've been selling the heck out of shrimp today and yesterday and all the way through Thanksgiving, crab meat as well," said Captain Sid's Seafood Market Manager Clint St. Philip. "It's getting busier each day. Tomorrow is going to be a monster day, today is a huge day and it's exciting times for us because we're going through some slow times with waiting for crawfish season to come back around, so Thanksgiving is a good shot in the arm, and then we got Christmas and crawfish right there."

And you can't forget about desert. We're told the big sellers are pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato pie, as well as apple pie. For a New Orleans specialty, it's all about doberge and chantilly cake.

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