Tulane students become crime victims in separate incidents

Tulane students become crime victims in separate incidents

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Tulane student couldn't believe what he woke up to Tuesday morning in the 7200 block of Spruce Street.

"I was awakened about 5:55 this morning, and the light was on in my room, which was weird. I heard some rustling outside in my living room," the victim said.

He said he walked out of his room to find a strange man going through his belongings.

"I went outside, peeked and saw the intruder. He was going through my bag and my roommate's bag. I immediately realized he was close to the exit, so I decided to charge him and confront him," the victim said.

The victim said he charged the intruder.

"He immediately was scared. He fumbled for the door, and I chased him out of the house," the victim said.

He said the man managed to get away with a backpack and laptop, but the victim knows it could have been much worse. He said one of his roommates left the front door open the night before, and he figures that's how the intruder got in. Just before the stranger ran off, he apologized to the Tulane student.

"When he was running away, he said, 'I'm sorry man. Be cool man.' That was it, so," the victim said.

He wasn't the only Tulane student to become a crime victim overnight. A group of men carjacked a female student at the intersection of Nashville and S. Claiborne avenues.

"She came to a stop at a red light. She was then rear-ended by a silver vehicle in which the individual or occupants of that other vehicle exited the vehicle and began asking her not to call the police," Second District Police Commander Shaun Ferguson said.

Police said the victim tried to talk to the men, but they pushed her to the ground and one of them jumped into her 2007 Lexus and took off.

"I went for a walk with my daughter this morning, and it was the first thing out of my neighbor's mouth. She told me about the incident," Thomas Walsh said.

Walsh lives near the intersection and said it's the talk of the neighborhood. He said the way the carjacking happened is especially scary.

"The fact that this is mobile, and it could just sneak up on you anywhere, anyplace, that's kind of spooky," he said.

Police said they later found the student's Lexus in the 5600 block of Royal Street. They're still investigating.

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