Happening Today: Heavy holiday travel week kicks into gear

Happening Today: Heavy holiday travel season underway

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - A busy terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport is expected to handle part of the millions of travelers expected to take to the skies this week.

Airport officials say that because of heavy travel this week, travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before a scheduled departure time.

Travelers are also advised to have all documentation necessary to board a flight and be aware of baggage restrictions to avoid getting caught off guard by any fees.

On the roads and in the skies, officials estimate approximately 50 million people will be on the move during the holiday season.

Nearly 80 percent of those travelers will be on the nation's roads.

Louisiana State Police reported 200 injuries and 10 deaths on roads last year during the holiday travel season.

State police say distracted drivers and those not wearing seat belts will get special attention during the holiday season.

State police are also launching their "Click it or Ticket" campaign Wednesday to encourage drivers to use seat belts.

One family said they're traveling to Florida to have Thanksgiving Dinner with an animated couple.

"We have some of the rides planned, we're gonna do Mount Everest, we're eating with Mickey and Minnie for Thanksgiving, so we're very excited," said holiday traveler Lisa Young.

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