Holiday travelers from New Orleans among millions nationwide

Holiday travelers from New Orleans among millions nationwide

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Travelers are making their way towards the terminals at Armstrong International. They are just a fraction of the five million people expected to be traveling this holiday season in the skies.

Nearly 20 percent will go somewhere else for their Thanksgiving holiday.

"I have three uncles and two cousins in Los Angeles," holiday traveler Deandre Wilkins said.

"We're eating with Minnie and Mickey for Thanksgiving morning," Lisa Young said. She's traveling to Orlando with her husband and son.

For some, it isn't a holiday trip.

"I work offshore on tugboats," Chris Guillot said. He is traveling to California for two weeks.

Others will hit the road, many many others, AAA reports about 45 million will hit the road.

A safety concern for authorities.

Louisiana State Police reported 200 injuries and 10 deaths last year on roads around the state during the holiday season.

Nearly half, they say, are attributed to distracted driving.

State Police will make sure commuters buckled up on the roads: they'll be starting their 'Click it or Ticket' campaign on Wednesday through Sunday.

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