What to do when turkey talk turns political

What to do when turkey talk turns political

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The Thanksgiving table is not the most forgiving place if you're a turkey or a sweet potato, and this year it may prove just as stifling for some families if politics trumps turkey.

"I really hope not, but you never know what happens with family get-togethers," said Leigh Pisciotta, who was picking up ingredients to make a pumpkin pie.

For some holiday shoppers, it's easier just to ignore politics once the turkey is carved.

"I think if you want to have a peaceful Thanksgiving, we're just gonna leave the political stuff to them and just enjoy family. Too much to deal with the political views. We need to draw on family and not what's going on in the world," said Autrina Myles, who was picking up some last-minute ingredients.

Some people are just focusing on the food because the political discussion is already behind them.

"We already got all of that out in the open when the election happened, so we're all past it at this point," said Patrick O'Malley, another shopper.

"I've been seeing articles all over social media about how to avoid politics at your Thanksgiving table. I think it's trending on Twitter. Yeah, I think it will get brought up in some way or another, but I'm hoping to avoid it at all costs," said Paige Hoffmeister, who works in social media.

Experts like family therapist Jeff Hupf think a little dissension over dinner might be alright.

"Who's to say that a conflict-free gathering is better than a gathering where there's a little bit of conflict? I think it's a way to show love to people. To allow them to express themselves even if they feel angry or really frustrated and not feel like I need to redirect them or change them," Hupf said.

It's why some people plan to listen rather than hurl insults - or even grandma's oyster dressing.

"I look at it as, can I learn something from them? Why do you feel the way you do? I'm not trying to change their mind, I'm trying to learn for myself, and that sometimes will put people at ease because they know you're not coming down on them for their beliefs, you're just trying to find out what are they," said shopper Donna Pyne.

And if all else fails, a spoonful of stuffing could be a great diversion.

"Serve them a piece of pumpkin pie!" Pisciotta said.

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