Juan's World: Payton settles the score with win on Sunday

Juan's World: Payton settles the score with win on Sunday

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and I DO believe what I saw in the Superdome on Sunday. Sean Payton refusing to take the foot off the pedal, sending a message with every fist pumping 'boom' to his former defensive coordinator. Gregg Williams had to expect this type of reaction from his former boss. After all, when these two parted, there was no such thing as sweet sorrow.

They'll forever be connected by two significant things in Saints history. The 2009 Super Bowl and the bounty suspension that soon followed and eventually got both suspended for a season.

So as we fast-forward to Sunday's game, Payton and Drew Brees said all of the right things to the media. They praised the job that Williams did with the defense while he was here. But, it's a good bet that once the cameras were off and the two were behind closed doors, the conversation was different.

Both looked to be on the same page on Sunday. Both had the same desire to beat Williams by beating down his defense. And both had the same smile once the game was over.

This was as dominating a victory the Saints have had all season long and by far the worse performance that the Rams vaunted defense has suffered this season.

It's not a coincidence. Brees and Payton planned it that way.

Juan's World, Juan's World. Excellent!!!!

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