Trending Now: Nutritious nutria? The Russians think so

Trending Now: Nutria burgers make the menu in Moscow

(WVUE) - The latest food craze in Moscow is getting a lot of attention on social media.

Though Louisiana residents are quite familiar with the new Russian delicacy, it's not something found on many menus in Louisiana.

The Krasnodar Bistro, a restaurant specializing in southern Russian food, has put the "nutria," or river rat, on its menu.

A bistro chef says the nutria burger is simple, tasty and full of nutrients.

He adds it's not a real 'rat' as we think of it whole, but it contains the nutria's meat and liver.

The nutria, or 'river rat', is a semi-aquatic rodent similar in appearance to an otter, and often valued for fur.

The nutria burger sells for 550 rubles, or about $8.50.

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