Bourbon St. mass shooting victim's family wants justice

Family of Bourbon St. shooting victim speak out

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "All I know is my baby is gone," Ericka Harrison said.

It's the call no mother ever wants to get.

"My son calls me screaming, 'Mom, my brother is dead. He's gone.' I screamed, and I dropped the phone," Harrison said.

Demontris Toliver, 25, lost his life on Bourbon Street early Sunday morning when police say two people opened fire. Nine others were shot, but police say none of them are believed to be the intended targets.

"He's gone, never to see him draw another picture again in his life. They took my child, our child, away from us and it's not fair," Harrison said.

Toliver and his fiance' were walking in the 100 block of Bourbon that night on their way to meet his brother, Joshua Davis. Davis was at Bourbon Heat when he got a call from Toliver's fiance'.

"She said they were just walking and they heard two gunshots. That's when everybody started running. They were just running and he was grabbing his neck and he fell," Davis said.

Doctors pronounced Toliver dead at the hospital.

"Demontris never expected to get shot. He was happy. He was a real spiritual person and humble. He never did nothing wrong to nobody," Davis said.

Toliver was also an artist. He graduated from NOCCA and was working in Baton Rouge as a tattoo artist.

His family wants answers.

"Whatever justice has to be done, it needs to be done because it's ridiculous that parents have to walk around mourning behind their children, behind senseless stupidity that people do not have to be doing. People walk around just trying to live a life that the Lord has blessed them with. It's about when he is ready to call them home, not when somebody else is ready to call them home," Harrison said.

Ericka Harrison said something must change.

Ironically, it's the same message her son, Demontris Toliver, tried to give in one of his last Facebook posts before he was killed.

"Stand up for yourself. Stand up for humanity. Stand up for the reasons of why we're here. The money, material things, none of that even matters. What matters is us and how we work amongst each other, and how we work with each other. If you're listening to this, you don't need to change yourself, but if anything I said sparks anything in your mind, make a change. The world needs it."

Of the nine others shot, three remain hospitalized.

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