Jim Henderson's Commentary: Saints defeat Rams

Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints defeat Rams

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Well it looks like you can cross Sean Payton off Gregg Williams' Christmas card list - and vice versa - if indeed either ever was on the other's.

Bounty-gate will forever be in the history book.  But the bountiful offensive production of 49 Saints points yesterday earns a place in the record books as the most points scored in the NFL this season and the most allowed by the Rams as a franchise in 14 years.

Yesterday's Saints win served a multitude of purposes, the greatest of which was to sustain the Saints' heartbeat as they try to stay alive in the NFC South race. Their remaining schedule is easily the most daunting of the top three teams in the division. In the final five games the Saints face one team with currently a losing record: Arizona at Arizona. Meanwhile, the Bucs and the Falcons over their last five games will each face just one team with a winning record.

But another by-product of yesterday's win could be putting Gregg Williams back in the unemployment line if he's swept out the door in L.A. with the head coach he serves.

Yesterday's loss made Jeff Fisher the second-losingest coach in NFL history, breaking a tie with Tom Landry. Losing three of his last five with New England, Atlanta and Seattle still to play would push Fisher past Dan Reeves and make him first in failures.

Five losing seasons in five years as the Rams' head coach appear inevitable.  An opportunity for a sixth would appear doubtful. If he goes and his coaching staff goes with him, there will be two things Gregg Williams won't be getting from Sean Payton this Christmas: A card and a letter of recommendation.

In coaching circles as in the circle of life, what goes around comes around.

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