Grand Jury decides not to indict former St. Bernard Parish hospital administrator

Grand Jury decides not to indict former St. Bernard Parish hospital administrator

ST. BERNARD PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A grand jury has decided not to indict former St. Bernard Parish hospital administrator Wayne Landry, but it did issue a scathing report on how the hospital was managed.

The grand jury said due to time constraints, it was unable to reach a final determination as to criminal responsibility in their review of the hospital. Grand jurors also said an additional investigation may be needed.

Earlier this month, a legislative audit found Landry may have violated state law when he used hospital credit cards to buy employees meals and gifts. While the grand jury decided not to indict Landry, it did say they found the financial problems at the hospital were much worse than expected. According to the report, the hospital was grossly mismanaged since at least 2012, saying in that time the hospital lost nearly $33 million, including more than $19 million in 2015 alone. 
"What they did do and what they have the right to do is to send out a little report card, a lengthy one, saying that there were a lot of things that were mismanaged, there may have been ethical violations, so, that's something that people can use going forward to correct what's going on," said FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti.

The Grand Jury also said it discovered hospital administrators may have violated state law when they spent public money on holiday parties, meals, alcohol and gifts with the approval of Landry and Chairman of the Hospital Service District Jim DiFatta.

The Grand Jury recommended that the commission of the Hospital Service District immediately hire a competent person to manage the hospital.

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