City Council getting ready to vote on short-term rentals

City Council getting ready to vote on short-term rentals

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council is expected to hold a historic vote today to regulate and tax short-term rentals.

The city council hammering out proposed regulations for short-term rentals.

There is already a market in the city, so the city says it is time for the market is regulated.

People who rent out houses and rooms to tourists throughout the city would be required to obtain permits and collect and pay taxes to the city.

New Orleans would actually be among the first cities to adopt rules in cooperation with Airbnb.

The proposed law would also create the N.O. neighborhood Housing Improvement Fund which would have a dollar deposited into the fund for every night a short-term rental is used.

An agreement between city hall and Airbnb would provide the city information on rentals to help collect taxes.

Some are eager to have the vote take place today.

"Pros are the home sharing environment globally is a visitor preference, visitor choice," said Eric Bay, president of the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity. "And we're trying to allow that here in New Orleans."

The downside, Bay points out, is that if someone comes into your home, or to your neighborhood, they might think New Orleans is a party city.

"It is, but it is a lot more than that. And that's what we offer," Bay said. "We offer a venue for families to come, large families, large groups who perhaps don't want to have three or four hotel rooms."

Opponents say short-term rentals detract from neighborhoods.

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