Kenner neighbors say Garcie arrest was a surprise

Kenner neighbors say Garcie arrest was a surprise

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New details are emerging about Tuesday's kidnapping and shootout on the Westbank, including the record of the man police arrested.

A leading advocate for abused women said online hook-ups are more dangerous than many people realize.

Chris Garcie, 41, was arrested following a 500-round shootout with police. It was the culmination of a two-hour chase and multiple shootouts that began on a dead-end street in Lacombe. That's where police said Garcie kidnapped a woman he first contacted on the site They met near a house where he had done flooring work.

"It's dangerous. Very, very dangerous," said Beth Salcedo, an advocate for human trafficking victims.

Salcedo said one in five of the trafficking victims she has dealt with have had disastrous meetings after making connections online.

"I've had girls with strangle marks on them trying to get away, with bruises and  fractures," Salcedo said.

Garcie's alleged victim managed to escape before the shootout.

Police said Garcie was no stranger to law enforcement and had prior arrests for forcible rape, aggravated assault and simple battery for a case out of Kenner, as reflected in a police report from May of 2014.

"There was an argument about keys. He became physical, and he pushed her into a mantel and she fell back and got bruises on her back, scratch marks on her arms," said Kenner Police Lt. Brian McGregor.

The victim in that case was taken to  a battered women's shelter. But after his initial arrest, Garcie never showed up in court.

"We did try and find him, but they never came across him, and we don't know if he was living at the same address," McGregor said.

Neighbor are stunned over Garcie's arrest.

"It's scary to see someone every day, pretty quiet. Then hearing about that, being a woman, it's like, alright what's going on here?" said a neighbor who goes by the name of Gabby.

Though Garcie does have a criminal history, his neighbors said they had no idea, and they even said he's been a good father.

"His young son was 2 years old, and he was a loving father to his son. I was shocked," said another neighbor named Alex.

However, neighbors said there was domestic trouble in Garcie's Kenner home.

"I know they had their issues. I never heard any violence, but they had their disputes," Alex said.

While everyone says the victim in Tuesday night's kidnapping is lucky to be alive, a word of warning about online encounters.

"I've heard about guys holding a gun or cutting her. Kidnapping is not uncommon," Salcedo said.

Public defender Paul Fleming has been assigned it to the Garcie case. Garcie remains locked up, booked with four counts of attempted first-degree murder.

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