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Nicondra: Showers and some storms continue

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Even with several breaks Sunday its still a good idea to keep the rain gear close at hand. Look for passing showers throughout the day with a few dry hours mixed in. Heavy downpours continue to be possible with even some localized street flooding possible in isolated locations. A warm front may help to bump temperatures up a little. The temperature spread is not large over the next several days as clouds and rain keep daytime highs in the upper 60's while moist air prevents much of a drop during the overnight.

A few lingering showers persist Monday morning with another chance at storms later in the day. We stay warm and muggy with a Gulf low pushing across the area late Monday and continuing to fuel storms. The Storm Prediction Center places the area under a Slight Risk for severe storms that day as we monitor the uplift mechanisms that can help create strong storms. Stay tuned!

-Nicondra Norwood

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