Saints fans worry about diminishing playoff hopes

Saints fans worry about diminishing playoff hopes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints fans felt Sunday's loss was a major setback, in a road to the playoffs, that just got a lot harder to navigate.

In a slight drizzle Saints fans left the dome,as gloomy as the weather.

"It's disgusting they came out flat, and looked like they didn't want to play at all," said Saints fan Jennero Christenberry.

Many had hoped that after last week's big win over the Rams, the Saints would beat the Lions, but it was not to be.

"First game of the season I came too, offense, special teams, didn't play their best," said fan Lacey McRae.

In losing to the Lions 28-13, the black and gold never seemed to gel.

"You realize Brees, in the first drive, he fumbles the's going to be that kind of game, it's not going to be good when it starts like that," said fan Joey McRae.

"This happens every year, they get near .500 and they go into the tank," said fan Allen Weber.

Though they still have a mathematical shot at the playoffs, fans worry.

"I wish they would just tank the rest of the year, and get a better draft choice this has been happening three of the last four years," said Weber.

Though wounded,  fan optimism isn't completely dead.

"The only way we can climb back in it is if everyone loses," said McRae.

"I'm still a 'Who Dat' all day, we got a slim shot,  it's this small," said Christenberry holding his thumb and index finger together.

And that they say, is better than nothing.

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