After Further Review: Bad look for Sean Payton in Sunday's loss

After Further Review: Bad look for Sean Payton in Sunday's loss

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - So let me get this straight, last week was not the Super Bowl?

The Saints' 28-point win over the Rams didn't clinch the NFC South?

Their 49-21 triumph against one of the worst teams in the NFL only got them to 5-6?

I only ask because the way the Saints, and their head coach, were acting, one would think all those things would have been on the horizon.

Welcome to the mediocre world of the New Orleans Saints.

One that goes above and beyond to settle a score with a former employee one week. Then completely forgets to show up against a playoff team the next.

Sunday was a terrible look for what some were calling the 'resurgent' Saints. It was even worse for Sean Payton.

Last week, he was completely over-the-top with his emotions with emphatic fist-pumps and hard stares towards the Rams' sideline. He even picked out the 'Circle of Life' song on the Superdome playlist to make sure to show his former defensive coordinator what goes around comes around.

This week, with a chance to move within one game of the NFC South, Payton was completely empty.

And his team followed suit.

They were flat, lethargic and played an uninspiring kind of football that made you truly wonder what exactly did they practice during the week.

Payton seemed well-aware of week-to-week swing in emotions in his post-game press conference. After going back and forth about not wanting to talk about last week, he finally admitted his team is 'up and down.'

That's mediocrity, folks. And it's become more than just a bump in the road.

After what will likely be a third straight non-playoff season, it now IS the road for the Saints.

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