Eleven jurors picked in Will Smith murder trial

Eleven jurors picked in Will Smith murder trial

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jury selection continues in one of New Orleans most awaited trials. Cardell Hayes is facing murder and attempted murder charges for killing former Saints player Will Smith and shooting his wife, Raquel.

This jury is sequestered in with the trial expected to last about a week. It could've been tough to seat the jury but things are moving faster than expected.

Monday morning, 130 potential jurors were brought in and so far 11 have been selected.

The shooting incident happened just eight months ago on April 9. Hayes and a friend were driving down Magazine Street when they say Smith rear-ended their vehicle. Prosecutor say Hayes pursued Smith and rammed into the back of Smith's SUV near the intersection of Sophie Wright Place and Felicity. Hayes and Smith confronted each other. Prosecutor say he is shot Smith eight times, seven in the back. They say he then shot Racquel in the leg. Smith's body was found slumped over the driver side of his vehicle. Hayes, then placed his gun on on the hood of the SUV and waited for the police to arrive. Police did find a handgun inside the console of Smith's SUV, but it was never fired. Hayes' attorney has maintained his clients innocence saying, he acted in self-defense. John Fuller said Hayes was not the aggressor. Hayes has been locked up for the past eight months on a $1.75 million bond. This is a very high-profile trial and because of that Judge Camille Buras decided to have the jury sequestered.

"Seaquest ration of a jury obviously makes it more difficult to find because where in this Christmas season and even if we weren't people have lives," said FOX 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti. "Now they have to take away these things our telephones which they can Google anything and everything in the world. It makes life very difficult, I'm telling you it's harder to be sequestered in 2016 than 1996."

Hayes is charged with second-degree murder attempted second-degree murder and criminal damage to property. a jury is expected to be seated Monday meaning opening statements could start as early as Tuesday.

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