David: Arctic front late week

David: Arctic front late week

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Our rainy two days is coming to an end. We will have fairly quiet weather for the next 48 hours or so before our next big change arrives.

For the short term, there could be a little more rain overnight and possibly some fog in spots for Tuesday morning. Clouds will be slow to clear on Tuesday but some sun is expected. Even more sun on Wednesday with some areas touching 70 degrees.

Our next big change arrives during the day Thursday with a true Arctic cold front! Temperatures will start off in the 50's early in the morning but fall into the 40's by late afternoon. The winds will make it feel like the 30's by evening!

Freezes are expected Friday and Saturday morning on the North Shore. A hard freeze is possible Saturday morning.

South of the lake, temperatures are likely going to stay above freezing around the metro area but pets and tropicals will need to be protected. Away from the lake freezing temperatures are possible especially on Saturday.

A fast warm-up is likely over the weekend.

-David Bernard

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