Witness: 'I just saw his body jolt and fall into the car'

Former Saint Pierre Thomas testifies in 3rd day of Cardell Hayes trial

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The two people who were in the vehicle with Will Smith and his wife the night he died testified in court Wednesday.

Rebecca Dooley and Richard Hernandez both gave a similar account of what they say happened in the moments leading up to Smith's shooting death.

Up first was Rebecca Dooley, a friend of Racquel Smith.

She described the night and how they wound up with the Smiths as well as what happened before during and after Smith's death.

Dooley testified that after the argument broke out between Smith and Hayes, Racquel Smith tried to calm things down.

"She was saying to calm down, we have kids," Dooley said

Dooley testified that the accused shooter Cardell Hayes shot Smith after the argument wound down.

"I just saw his body jolt and fall into the car," Dooley said of the moment Smith was shot.

"I just remember him walking towards Will and continuing to shoot. I heard Mr. Hayes talking over Will's body," Dooley testified.

Afterward she says Hayes searched for her husband.

"I did hear Mr. Hayes say, 'where's that white boy?"

"I then told my husband do not go back over there. They are looking for you," Dooley testified.

Richard Hernandez, who was also in the vehicle at the time, said "I admit I was scared after she told me Will was shot. I'm thinking that I'm next."

Defense attorney John Fuller questioned that account when he cross-examined him, ordering Hernandez: "tell the jury what it means when you take your shirt off!"

Hernandez testified that he did take his shirt off because he "felt like a fight was coming on."

Fuller was intense in his questioning even nearly using an expletive when addressing Hernandez.

"You didn't fear for your life when you took your shirt off and started fighting somebody, right? " Fuller asked.

Hernandez responded, "no."

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