Passenger in Hayes' vehicle testifies in WIll Smith murder trial

Friend of Cardell Hayes testifies on day 4 of trial

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The fourth day of the Cardell Hayes trial started Thursday with a witness who spoke to national publications about the defendant.

Hayes is on trial accused of killing former saint Will Smith.

Kevin O'Neal was in Hayes' Hummer the night will smith was killed. He took the stand testifying about his experience back in April.

He told jurors he was calm that evening attempting to keep other people from escalating the situation further.

The prosecution pressed O'Neal about how he could feel any threat on the scene when he testified to a grand jury before that he was confident in his ability to defend himself.

He maintained it was others, including the person who took off their shirt, referring to Richard Hernandez, a passenger of Smith's who kept threatening O'Neal and Hayes.

At one point, prosecutor Laura Rodrigue questioned O'Neal about the point he felt threatened and when he was compelled to retrieve his gun.

"You didn't know that Cardell had gotten out of the car with the gun in his hand," asked Rodrigue.

O'Neal said no.

Rodrigue continued to press him about when he felt the need to get his weapon.

"I became really fearful after I heard the shots. It sounds like you're trying to twist my words," O'Neal said.

O'Neal added later in his testimony he felt a great injustice was being done to Hayes and that though O'Neal did nothing wrong, he said he felt like he was the one trial.


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