FOOTBALL, FÙTBOL, FOOD: Tom Benson's best franchise is GMB Racing now

FOOTBALL, FÙTBOL, FOOD: Tom Benson's best franchise is GMB Racing now

The Saints and Pelicans easily make the most money for Tom Benson, but it's his horse racing operation, GMB Racing, that's now the most successful of his three franchises. 
Thursday night, the Pelicans' playoff chances took a massive hit losing to the lowly Sixers. I know it's only 23 games into the season, but you don't lose to a squad with four wins entering the contest, and nursing a 23-game road losing streak. Alvin Gentry's coaching seat is on fire, making it to the end of the season seems less likely by the day. 
The Saints' playoff chances stand at ten percent, according to, but they need a Hail Mary to make the postseason. Winning out is their only real chance, and the Black and Gold haven't achieved that feat since 2013. Reality is; they miss the playoffs, and a rebuild is about to go down on Airline Drive. Drew Brees holds one year left on his contract, and could be good trade bait. Same with Brandin Cooks after his Instagram me-first post. 
With a poor record, and some draft picks coming in possible trades, you can fill some defensive holes in the 2017 NFL Draft. Two quarterbacks that could fill in for Brees right away, the Patriots' Jimmy Garoppolo or the Cowboys' Tony Romo. Garoppolo is a franchise quarterback for the next ten years. Romo could fill in the gap for two years until you develop a new signal-caller. If a rebuild does take place, it will be intriguing to see if Sean Payton stays around to honor the final four years of his deal.
Which leaves us with GMB Racing if you're looking for a Benson success story. Out of the seven horses he started with in 2014, two made the Super Bowl of racing, the Kentucky Derby. Tom's Ready, who competed in the Derby, already has his breeding rights sold when he finishes racing. 
With a new crop of horses in training for GMB, more success in the future looks like a good wager. The Saints and Pelicans in the playoffs anytime soon... don't bet on it.


USA Soccer made the right move giving the hook to head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Losing 4-0 to Costa Rica is totally inexcusable for the Americans. I like the Bruce Arena hire, but don't love it. Arena got hired to do one thing, qualify for the 2018 World Cup. USA should still be good to accomplish that goal, even with Arena in the fold. If Arena's squad gets through the group stages then he might be around for 2022.


It's a great time to be a barbeque lover in the city of New Orleans. The influx of restaurants focusing on BBQ makes it easier to find a quality spot every week.

The Joint in the Bywater has always been on the top of my list. In the last few years my list is growing by the day. Now I can count on: Moe's, Blue Oak, Frey Smoked Meat Company, and McClure's to get my BBQ fix.