After Further Review: When is it time to question the Payton/Loomis regime?

After Further Review: When is it time to question the Payton/Loomis regime?

TAMPA, FL (WVUE) - One is an accident. Two is a trend. Three is a problem.

New Orleans, the Saints have a problem.

Mediocrity is his name.

Check that, mediocrity would be the best the Saints can hope for in 2016. They still have to win two more games to even achieve that.

Sunday's loss to the Bucs makes three-straight non-winning seasons. It's now been 1073 days since the Saints have held a winning record at any point during the regular season. It will be 1346 days before they'll have an opportunity to change that.

1346 days. That's the 2017 season opener for those wondering (assuming they start on a Sunday.)

The optimist will say the Saints are close. Don't buy it. Every team in the NFL is close. The Saints have been 'close' for three years now and still seem as far away as ever. Being close isn't cutting it.

The question is what should be done to fix it? And is it finally time to take a deep look at the two men calling all the shots and question if they are the right guys to make things right again?

I've said many times that Sean Payton must be judged on what he currently is not what he has been. Mickey Loomis is in the same boat.

The reality is under Payton and Loomis has slipped into a mediocre funk. And they've literally followed the exact same script each time. Super Bowl wins seven years ago don't guarantee a lifetime pass for mistakes.

In any other NFL organization, three straight sub par seasons would set the seats of the head coach and general manager on fire. Even if they aren't removed, the pressure is undoubtedly felt.

That's where things seem to get lost with the Saints. There seems to be no pressure from the organization to improve. There's a sense that Loomis and Payton have free reign to do as they please without the fear of any consequences.

It's as if things haven't gotten bad enough to truly see this team has a problem. The question is when will enough be enough.

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