Houma clerk robbed, shot

Houma store clerk shot

HOUMA, LA (WVUE) - It was just before midnight on Monday when police say they received a call about a shooting at the Chevron Jubilee in Houma.

"When they arrived on scene, they noticed a male subject suffering a gunshot wound to the face. He was conscious," says Chief Dana Coleman.

The shooting victim was the store clerk.

After investigating, police quickly learned a gunman with a puffy-style jacket and a hoodie over his head walked into the convenience store with his gun drawn. The gunman demanded money, and the store clerk even answered, "Ok, I will" before handing it over.

"He even put his hands up in a defenseless posture, and he then took it to the next level," says Coleman.

After getting the money, the gunman proceeded to shoot the 36-year-old clerk in the face before he left.

"To see this victim put his hands up, adhere to the suspects demands and you still shoot him, that angered me," says Coleman.

The gunman took off on foot. The clerk was rushed to University Medical Center, where he's in critical condition. People who know him says he's a great guy.

"He's got children that love their father very much. I also know that he's a military veteran and very good man. Every time I come here, he had a smile on his face," says Kellen Picou.

Chief Coleman says even his officers were upset when they realized who had been shot.

"It was devastating to them as well because it was known whenever the police would arrive at the station at night to check on the clerk, he would make them a fresh pot of coffee," says Chief Coleman.

"Please pray for him because he's fighting for his life and he's a good man who served our country well," says Picou.

Police say once the gunman is caught, he'll be booked with armed robbery and attempted 1st degree murder.

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