Suspect arrested in Houma store clerk robbery, shooting

Suspect arrested in Houma store clerk robbery, shooting
Jasi Barabin (Source: Houma PD)
Jasi Barabin (Source: Houma PD)

HOUMA, LA (WVUE) - "He's a very quiet person. He would give the shirt on his back to anyone that asked," Diane Leblanc said.

Her son, Terry Leblanc, is still in critical condition after being shot in the face during an armed robbery just before midnight on Monday.

"The reason why somebody would want to do this to him or just anyone in general is mind blowing," Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman.

Leblanc worked as a cashier at the Chevron Jubilee in Houma. Police said surveillance video shows 22-year-old Jasi Barabin walk into the store with his gun drawn. He points it at Leblanc and demands money. Just moment after Leblanc hands over the money, police said Barabin shot him in the face before leaving.

"To see this victim put his hands up, adhere to the suspects demands and you still shoot him? That angered me," Coleman said.

Leblanc, who was conscious when police arrived, was rushed to University Medical Center, where his parents have been by his side ever since. Diane Leblanc said the bullet entered on the left side of her son's jaw and is now lodged in his spinal cord.

"At this point, he's pretty much paralyzed. It severely bruised the spinal cord, so it's going to be a long road to rehabilitation and all," she said.

Terry Leblanc is described as a devoted father of four children and a military veteran who always treated every customer with respect. He had taken the job at the Chevron as a second job to help make ends meet.

"He's a good man who served our country well. He went to war and he made it home from war to shot in the face," Kellen Picou said.

"I just don't understand why he would shoot him when he did give him everything that he wanted. It's beyond me," Diane Leblanc said.

Barabin is booked with armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

Leblanc's mother said she doesn't hold a grudge against the alleged shooter. She just wants justice.

"I don't want no harm to come to him or his family, but I do want him to pay for what he has done," she said.

The Leblanc family wants to thank the community for all of the support they've received.

Police said the suspect confessed to the armed robbery and shooting.

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