Roller coaster temps wreak havoc on health

Roller coaster temps wreak havoc on health

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "Well, we're trying to get in the Christmas spirit today, but the weather isn't always cooperating," says Ashley Mendez.

Mendez says last week's fluctuating temperatures left her whole family sick.

"We all had runny noses, headaches and just the head cold feeling," says Mendez.

This week, she's paying close attention to the weather, hoping to avoid round two when the temperatures rise tomorrow and then drastically drop on Sunday and Monday.

"So, if you're going from 80 as a high to the mid 40s in the afternoon, that's going to be a real shock, especially if you're not prepared for it," says Meteorologist Nicondra Norwood.

"There are different syndromes. You can have a viral syndrome when someone comes in and they have stuffy nose and cough accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea," says Dr. Granville Morse.

Morse says it's peak season at the MHM Lakeside Urgent Carem where patients are constantly coming in with virus-like symptoms.

"This time of year, more people are out and about. More people are in malls. They're shopping and they're going to social events, so there's just more contacts between humans and so that's how these viruses spread," says Morse.

Ashley Mendez says she'll be out and about, getting ready for the Christmas holidays, but also taking precautions to avoid getting sick again.

"We definitely want to avoid that because it seems as soon as you get better, the temperatures drop again just to kind of keep you on your toes," says Mendez.

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