NOPD: Uber driver shoots at carjacker, hits innocent bystander

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - An Uber driver was carjacked in downtown New Orleans, then opened fire on the perpetrator. An innocent bystander was hit, according to New Orleans police. A source tells FOX 8, the man injured, is a bellhop at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Twenty-eight year old Andre Satcher is the man New Orleans police say carjacked an Uber driver on Canal Street near Roosevelt Way, early Saturday morning. Police say a passenger, a local woman, was in the backseat.

NOPD Commander. Nick Gernon explains, "The victim, the Uber driver, had been able to gain control of his own weapon and the gunman made a motion that made the Uber driver concerned that he was going to get shot, at which point the driver opened fire on the perpetrator."

Police aren't saying if the perpetrator shot back. A guest at Roosevelt Hotel says she heard five shots fired in all. A nearby man, identified by a source as a bellhop at the hotel, was hit in the hand.

"He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released," Gernon said.

The carjacker then made off in the Uber driver's vehicle, trying to U-turn on the neutral ground of Canal, nearly striking two nearby police officers.

"The perpetrator panicked and hit three more vehicles that were occupied in the Northbound lanes of Canal Street that were sitting in traffic and jumped out of his car and began to flee," Gernon stated.

Just a few steps away, officers nabbed him. They say Satcher, who has a long criminal record, faces a slew of charges.

With thousands in town for the New Orleans Bowl, tourists we spoke to say the crime is unsettling.

"It makes me kinda scared because I'm already kinda skeptical about being in New Orleans, anyway," Peter Dupas commented.

Yet others understand why the Uber driver was armed.

Chase Powell says, "I have a gun on me at all times for protection, I think everybody should too."

Satcher is now behind bars. He's being held without bond. Police say they'll look at Satcher for other robberies in the area.

We reached out to Uber for comment on this story, but didn't hear back. We were also told no comment by the Roosevelt Hotel.

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