Juan's World: Saints too little, too late?

Juan's World: Saints too little, too late?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Let me preface this by saying....I'm happy that the Saints won today. I'm always happier when the Saints do what they're expected to do when Drew Brees is playing his best. Only problem is, the way number nine played the past couple of weeks, how he played today probably won't make a difference in the teams playoff aspirations.

Six interceptions the past two games, both loses, mean that today's near-400 yard passing game and four touchdowns, won't make a difference in the teams push for a playoff.

It's probably out-of-reach, although the mathematical gods aren't saying as much right now.The only thing the Saints control right now is the one thing they've always had control over. Just winning. At one time, winning cured all that ailed the Saints. Not anymore because there aren't enough games left to win to make a difference. Unless, the stars align and the teams ahead of them do nothing but lose the rest of the way.

What's the old saying...when you have to depend on someone to do something that you could've done for yourself? You know it never works out, right?

So we shall see on that front going forward. But, in the meantime, lets just soak in Sunday's win. Take it for what it's worth and turn the page to the next game, which will be the teams final 'home' game of the season.

It'll be on Christmas Eve and unfortunately, Santa doesn't have in his sack the one thing that all Saints crave. A playoff birth.

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