After Further Review: Good side of inconsistent Saints shows up in Arizona

Sean Fazende Commentary: Saints rebound with road win over Arizona

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Be honest. You knew the New Orleans Saints had this in them. Even though I've criticized them a lot over the last two weeks, I sure did.

That's the thing about being inconsistent. For every down, there's going to be an up.

For every instance where you question their energy and pride, there's a valiant effort, on the road, in a stadium they've never won in like Sunday.

For every offensive disaster, like their games against Detroit and Tampa Bay, there's a 389-yard, four-touchdown Drew Brees performance against the NFL's top defense like Sunday. Or a 49-point effort just a few weeks ago.

That's what's most maddening about the current state of the Saints. They have what it takes to be successful. But it comes in small doses, not over an extended period of time.

So as nice as Sunday's victory was, there's still a conflicting feeling about this team.

Why can't it be like this every week or even most weeks? Why does one of their best performances of the season come after their realistic playoff chances are over? (Yes I'm aware there's still a minuscule chance at a wild card berth.)

Those are all questions this organization has been familiar for three years now.

Unfortunately, they're still waiting on the answers.

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