Trending Now: Time-lapse Christmas decorations and frozen bubbles

Trending Now: Time-lapse Christmas decor, frozen bubbles

(WVUE) - A time-lapse video of crews decorating the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel provides a condensed look at the work required to deck those halls.

The behind-the-scenes look shows crews transforming the lobby into a Winter Wonderland.

The 45-second video, posted on the hotel's Facebook page, shows the several hours of creative work needed to create the elaborate holiday display.

The attraction features dozens of decorated trees and thousands of twinkling lights.

You've likely seen videos that show eggs frying on a sidewalk during blistering hot summer days.

A video from South Dakota shows bubbles freezing on a frying pan.

When a bubble is blown, then placed on a frying pan in the cold weather, it freezes within seconds.

The video was shot over the weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

He then took the bubble wand and stabbed each of the bubbles, which then shattered like glass.

Temperatures in South Dakota dipped to minus-20 degrees over the weekend.

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