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All Louisiana electors cast their votes for Donald Trump

(Source: Rob Masson / Fox 8 TV) (Source: Rob Masson / Fox 8 TV)

The votes are in. All eight Louisiana electors cast ballots for Donald Trump.

The formal decision to elect Donald Trump as president is being made across the country today and here in Louisiana.

As expected, Donald Trump won Louisiana’s eight electoral votes.

The little-known group of electors, along with a group of protesters, gathered at the state Capitol in Baton Rouge Monday.

Trump lost the popular vote by the largest margin since Rutherford B Hayes in 1876, but based on the balloting won 306 electoral votes.

Votes are being formalized today across the country, but there is a push to have electors vote for someone other than Trump.

Nearly 5 million people have signed petitions asking electors to switch.

“We believe he is wrong for the country and we are hoping that the electors have a change of mind,” said Rahne Pistor, an anti-Trump protestor.

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