Juan's World: Leonard Fournette deserves a break

Juan's World: Leonard Fournette deserves a break

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - So....One of my friends posted on Facebook the other day, ripping Leonard Fournette for his decision to skip the Tigers Bowl Game.

I commented then and now that I've had some time to think about it, here's what I think.

Should a player play 'every' game? Yes. Especially if he's healthy enough to do so. Has Fournette been healthy this season? For the most part, no and yet he's played through it. Up to the point where he realized that he would be a liability if he played and he sat (Florida).

Fournette is a once in a generation player. He's not just a run of the mill eventual draft pick that the Tigers churn out every year. He could be the NFL's number-one overall draft pick. He's sure to be a top 10 pick. So if he wants to skip the Citrus Bowl, then I say he's earned it.

For those that question how he handled making this decision, I respect your opinion, but you're not in his shoes, so you have no idea what he's going through.

He's sat down with the most important people in his football life...Mom, Dad, Coach Orgeron and they're all on board with his decision. And I'd be willing to bet that a bunch of his teammates understand and support his decision as well.

Very few of us will ever have an opportunity to make the kind of money that Fournette will see as a top-10 pick so stop saying what you'd do if you were in his shoes...because you're NOT in his shoes.

He's doing what's best for his family and for himself.

He's the best back that LSU has ever seen. His numbers back that up and he did it in three years, not four. He did it 'without' a quarterback, not with. He didn't beat Alabama..but, who has this season?

Derrius Guice will be great next season. But, against Alabama, he will struggle too if the Tigers can't get a passing game going.

Bottom line, Fournette made LSU his choice as a senior when many thought he'd go elsewhere.

And now that he's deciding to take care of his family FIRST, those that praised him for picking LSU in the beginning are turning their backs on him now.

I'm sure he's thinking...That's fine...and So am I.

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