Louisiana electors unanimously pick Trump, Pence

Louisiana Electors unanimously pick Trump and Pence

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - A few protesters angry over the election of Donald Trump greeted Louisiana's eight electors as they headed to the state capital to cast their vote for the U.S. president.

It was an unprecedented session in the Senate chamber to handle the larger crowds.

On the heels of presidential race unlike any other, protesters showed up to try and convince electors not to vote for the president, who lost the popular vote by over two million ballots.

"There are millions interested. This is a 50-state effort," said protester Derrick Mitchell.

Unlike anytime in recent memory the vote was moved to the Senate chamber. Normally, it's held in the governor's press office with few witnesses.

"It's not going to go anywhere. They can try, Trump will still be the president elect," said Trump supporter Ryan Lambert.

As  was being done in states across the country, electors came in from around the state to cast votes for president and vice president. All eight Louisiana  electors cast their votes for Trump for president and Mike Pence for vice president

"With a considered confidence, I cast for Trump," said elector Loyd Harsch, as boos erupted from the gallery.

Tough opponents booed; there were no defectors.

The vote was unanimous, even as Louisiana electors said they were under a certain amount of pressure to cast ballots for someone else. Electors said they got hundreds of phone calls and emails from people concerned about everything from Soviet influence in the election, to questions about Trump's temperament.

"I can lump the communication in several categories, some that Hillary got the popular vote," said Harsch.

"We were not expecting any surprises, and we got what we expected," state Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere.

And the Republicans at today's electoral vote believe that will bode well for Louisiana.

Charlie Buckels, a Lafayette salesman, was elected chairman of the state board of electors. Buckels thanked the dozens of people who showed up for today's vote, in spite of the fact that many wanted to see it go a different way.

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