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Crimetracker: Armed Robbery incidents down in 2016

Source: Tom Wright Source: Tom Wright
Source: Tom Wright Source: Tom Wright

So far this year, the NOPD has investigated 845 armed robberies across the city. That number is actually down compared to the same time period in 2015, when 952 armed robberies were reported.

“One thing we’re excited about is to close out 2016 we have double-digit decreases in armed robberies. Armed robberies are down in New Orleans 14 percent,” NOPD Deputy Chief Paul Noel said.

Carjackings are also slightly down, with 200 incidents in 2015, compared to 180 so far this year.

FOX 8 took a closer look at exactly when these carjackings are happening. The monthly breakdown clearly shows the uptick of carjacking incidents in November and December for both years. On the weekly breakdown, you can see, during the week of Nov. 20, 14 carjackings were reported. That’s the most in a single week in all of 2015 and 2016.

“When there’s a spike, there’s a bunch of reasons why there could be a spike. There’s a difference between a spike and trend,” Noel said.

Noel said a specialized armed robbery unit, called the Tiger Team, looks at trends across the city. He said through police intelligence and proactive work, the Tiger Team is helping to solve armed robbery cases.

“So, the Tiger Unit formed to help identify and attack the trends that occur across district lines,” he said.

The NOPD’s armed robbery solve rate is up six percent this year, compared to last.

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