Grinches caught stealing Christmas decorations near doorsteps

Grinches caught stealing Christmas decorations near doorsteps
Grinch caught on security cam (Source: Homeowner)
Grinch caught on security cam (Source: Homeowner)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - 'Tis the season when lights hang from rooftops and doorsteps, sparking holiday cheer - only to have that joy dashed by a Grinch.

"This is ridiculous, because they are coming inside the gate," Bywater resident Jason Labiche said. "That's why we got the cameras to see what was going on."

Surveillance video from Labiche's home caught a man stealing an inflatable teddy bear. It was one of four inflatables lifted right outside Labiche's stoop on four different occasions.

"Got up one Sunday morning and Santa Clause was missing. Sunday afternoon, the same Sunday, the snowman was missing. The day they came to install the alarm, the Yoda went missing," Labiche said.

"I don't think he can get much for them. But it's just the simple fact that you steal the joy of the neighborhood," Dennis Hayes said.

Hayes picked up his laser light projector at his Algiers home after a man stole his neighbor's display in broad daylight and then tried to steal his, according to his neighbor.

"I had to pick mine up, and now you see I have nothing but the lights on top of my house," Hayes said.

It is not just a problem with people stealing Christmas decorations. This year again there have been several reports of people stealing deliveries and packages right off of front porches. One resident in the Irish Channel told FOX 8 that he got a delivery around 4 p.m. - and not minutes later someone took it off of his front porch.

According to the victims, the scrooges are still roaming free, but they said the burglars will have to do more to keep the holiday spirit out of their hearts.

"I'm still good," Labiche said. "I mean, we're fortunate enough to have what we have. It upsets me that someone just took it, but like I said, if it's for a child, then good."

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