Rep. Helena Moreno forms advocacy network for women's issues

Rep. Helena Moreno forms advocacy network for women's issues

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - State Representative Helena Moreno says Louisiana consistently ranks as one of the worst states for women and she's started a non-profit group in hopes of energizing the voice behind women's issues.

She's actively recruiting individuals and organizations to participate in the Ignite Advocacy Network.

The aim is to educate the public about the state of women in Louisiana in terms of health, education, earnings and beyond.

Moreno hopes the group's power will be put to use advocating for legislation to address problems.

"The equal pay bill has died in the labor committee repeatedly over the past several years," said Moreno, "So, that's where the voice of the public will overpower the voice of some of the big business lobbying groups."

Moreno says Louisiana lags at the bottom of virtually every national ranking of women's issues.

"Legislators have to see that this is actually a top priority to the people of Louisiana and constituents for real changes to occur," according to Moreno.

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