Loved ones remember North Shore teen killed in car crash

Loved ones remember North Shore teen killed in car crash

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - Standing arm-in-arm and joined as one in their grief, more than 100 people mourned the death of 16-year-old Tyler Levy Thursday night at Northshore High School. The young man died in a car crash on Highway 433 near Slidell Tuesday.

At the vigil, tears poured from the faces of the young men and women who lost their friend and depended on the shoulders of others for comfort. Those who knew Tyler say he will be remembered for his upbeat attitude.

"He was a very happy, uplifting person. There was no way you were bringing him down. No matter what you said, no matter what you did, there was no bringing him down," friend Sean Falgout said.

Tyler's parents attended the vigil as dozens of other parents came to support them, especially as they deal with the loss of a child during the holidays.

"As a parent, this is heartbreaking. Ever since it happened, I haven't been able to stop to thinking about it because it hits too close to home," Northshore High parent Jeanne Dunne said.

A memorial grows where the car Tyler was riding in crashed into Salt Bayou. The driver and two other passengers managed to escape the submerged car, but first responders say Tyler was still strapped in his seat belt underwater when they arrived four minutes after the crash.

There is not much room for error as the bayou parallels the highway with a very narrow road.

The Louisiana State Police investigation is ongoing. At this time, investigators do not believe the 17-year-old driver was impaired.

"The driver was the closest one to Tyler, and this is taking a very heavy toll on him. He is trying to get by," Falgout said. "I can't imagine what this would be doing to him right now."

Funeral arrangements have not been set at this time.

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