Police help replace seven-year-old's stolen Christmas gifts

Police help replace seven-year-old's stolen Christmas gifts

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - After thieves broke into a West Bank home just days before Christmas, stealing all of the presents meant for seven-year old Armon Dixon, a cadre of law enforcement officers stepped in to bring some holiday magic back to the young boy.

It was Thursday night when Dixon's mother, Montreal, walked into their Gretna home as her heart sank into her stomach.

"As soon as I walked into my house, that's the first thing I noticed, the presents not underneath the tree. I just freaked out and I started crying. I didn't even go upstairs yet, I just sat down on my sofa and I started crying. So I went upstairs and I didn't see his TV or my TV," Dixon said.

Everything meant for Armon was gone too, leaving Dixon feeling hopeless with no time or money to replace the stolen gifts.

"Not being able to do that for him, I'm his momma, and not being able to provide gifts for him, it was heartbreaking," Dixon said.

The responding deputy from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office couldn't bear the thought of that, so he partnered with officers from Gretna Police Department to replace his gifts and more.

"Seven years old, probably had his heart set on some nice gifts, and for mom to tell him it's all gone, that was not something these deputies and these officers were willing to accept," Chaplin Alex Bellow with JPSO.

"The officers who did it on their own, nobody forced their hands, nobody asked them, 'Hey can you do this for this family?' They decided upon themselves to take it and do it for this family, which is just outstanding," Lt. Chris Tapie with Gretna Police said.

Now after stacking his gifts for safe keeping until Christmas he knows what he'll be doing tomorrow morning.

"I have a bunch of presents to open!" Armon exclaimed.

He's also has a bunch of reasons, all wearing badges, to be thankful.

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