Travelers pack Armstrong on day after Christmas

Travelers pack Armstrong on day after Christmas

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - It was looking a lot like the day after Christmas at Armstrong International Airport on Monday as thousands of travelers jammed the ticket lines hoping to either get home or fly out to a holiday destination.

"We've been on a Christmas cruise - we flew in eight days ago. And now, we're just waiting for our flight in nine hours. We got a long wait," said James Hughes.

Hughes is headed back to Ashville, but with some time on his hands he found the perfect place to wait it out and grabbed a comfy sofa seat. Most flights on the travel boards showed an "on time" status, with just one flight canceled.

But for some travelers, the delays started even before they arrived at the airport.

"We tried to park at Park and Fly, and that was full," said Michael Bianca. "And tried to go somewhere else, and that was full also. We've been all over the place."

Most of the travelers standing in long lines that snaked through the Southwest terminal seemed to be in good spirits, admitting that some congestion and delays were to be expected.

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