Warm winter weather swindles some out of sweater season

Warm winter weather swindles some out of sweater season

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - An unseasonably warm winter has some begging for cooler air, but FOX 8 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard said the above average temperatures may hang around.

"Certainly we've been warm for the last couple of days and it's gonna stay that way for the next couple of days because we have a big dome of warm air right over the Southeastern United States and it extends all the way to the Northeast. That's gonna change in a couple of days, but until it does our weather pattern is gonna stay pretty stagnant," Bernard said.

That's got some people feeling swindled out of sweater season.

"We get into the holiday spirit, I was drinking hot chocolate and all this comfy stuff, you know cuffing season, and then it's hot, ok we're gonna put on summer clothes and we're swimming for Christmas," said Ashley Daniels, who was walking around City Park.

For some people, though, the weather is just right, even if it feels oh so wrong.

"I'm good with it man! I like sweating. I can work out. I can't work out if it's 30 degrees, you know, so I love it," said Madania Graves, who was enjoying the weather at the park.

For the kids on break, they're happy to steal a little extra summer vacation in December.

"It's really crazy, if you think about it, because it goes from really hot to cold ... you see I'm wearing shorts right now," said Blake Ranlett, who was visiting City Park with his family.

That means say goodbye to the warm clothes Santa left under the tree.

"We got a coat jacket, but we can't use it now," Beau Ranlett said. "I got some sweatpants, but that's it, hope it gets cooler in January and February."

Bernard reminds us, though, that the warm temperatures are nothing new, but the winter wear may only be useful above the Mason-Dixon line.

"People want to wear sweaters, they gotta go north! We live in the South, we don't get a lot of cold air, but it has been a warm December. Let me put this into perspective, so far this is our 21st warmest December on record, impressive, but not unprecedented. Last year, 2015, that was hot, that was our warmest December on record, so believe it or not, it could be a lot hotter than it has been this month," Bernard said.

The average high this time of year is 62 degrees compared to a high of 77 recorded this year on Christmas day.

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