8-8 finish is significant for Saints

8-8 finish is significant for Saints

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On the final standings, it's the difference of just one game. However, psychologically, the Saints finishing 8-8 instead of 7-9 would mean so much more.

"For obvious reasons, it's the difference between a losing record and not a losing record," Drew Brees said. "But I think it's one step better than last year and it's one step closer to where we want to go."

"I know that winning at the end of a season and going into an offseason with that is helpful," Zach Strief said. "I think mentally it puts you on a good path. It's not like it means you're going to win the next season, obviously, we did that last year. But, I do think it says a lot about the guys in this locker room."

If the Saints were to complete their season 8-8, it would be the second time in the Sean Payton era that they've finished with that record. The last time that happened was 2008. In 2009, they won the Super Bowl.

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