Fitness couple garners a huge social media following

Fitness couple garners a huge social media following

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - When Austin Raye and Julian Daigre, two fitness experts, began posting short videos on Facebook and Instagram, they had no way of knowing they would go viral.

Raye's Instagram page alone has amassed more than 186,000 followers.

"We want to show people and tell people that nothing is impossible," Raye said.

The couple regularly posts videos and stills, frequently using New Orleans as a backdrop for their unusual exercise moves designed to motivate viewers.

"Fear does not exist," Raye said.  "It's all in your head, and if you can just get past that level, there's a whole other assortment of levels you can get to."

A few innocent posts have become a career.

"It just started as a hobby," Daigre said, but once the couple began posting, product endorsements followed.

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