Kylei's Success Story: How she met Oprah and made a TV Commercial

Kylei's Success Story: How she met Oprah and made a TV Commercial

(WVUE) - A Madisonville woman is featured in a national magazine, a TV commercial, and went to Oprah's house for something amazing she accomplished. The January-February issue of Weight Watcher's Magazine has Oprah on the cover, but inside is the story of Kylei Cucinella, a North Shore woman who overcame tremendous obstacles.

"They came here and shot and did an interview to have me featured as a success story which was fun to do that," Kylei said smiling.

What a difference a year makes.

Christmas 2015 Kylei was overweight and overwhelmed.

"I was miserable," she said. "I didn't like the way I looKed. I didn't like the way I felt. I didn't like the way my clothes fit."

In 2012 her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, the battle with cancer would rage for years.

In Katrina, Kylei's family lost everything. She and her husband moved to Atlanta. When they moved back to Louisiana he lost his job.

"I thought I was a strong person and could get through anything," she said. I wasn't, and I turned to food for all of those struggles."

She said even her husband started to gain weight. Her kids thought it was ok to eat pizza everyday.

At Christmas 2015, she looked at pictures of herself and didn't like what she saw.

She joined Weight Watchers last January. Today, she has lost 76 pounds. The before and after pictures tell a story of victory. Even her husband lost weight.

He's lost 60 pounds as well by following the program with me.

She shared her story with the weight watchers community,  and soon it reached people she never imagined.

"The OWN Network reached out to do an interview and I was selected to fly out to Santa Barbara to shoot a commercial.

When she got there they told her she would be interviewed one on one with Oprah.

She and Oprah shot a commercial together that will air for the first time New Year's Eve. Look for the commercial during Pit Bull's New Year's Revolution on FOX 8 Saturday Night.

"It feels really good to have more energy and to be more confident than you usually were," she said.

"I don't hide behind my kids for pictures any longer."

Kylei will be signing the Weight Watcher Magazines on Saturday January 7th at 11 am at the Weight Watchers location in Mandeville.

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