Crews prepare for NYE fireworks show over the river

Crews prepare for New Years fireworks on the river

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "This is one of the most taxing shows on me because I take pride in making sure we represent New Orleans," says Charles McKinley.

Charles McKinley and his crew at J&M Displays are planning to work well into the night turning a barge into a maze of wires and firework shells.

"I started working on it one morning and it took me 17 hours straight to script the show," says McKinley.

He says this New Year's Eve show will be like no other in New Orleans.

"I can tell you that it will be the largest New Year's Eve show that's ever been seen over the river, quite larger than any previous year," says McKinley.

"There was a fireworks convention here in New Orleans in September, and they kind of laid the ground work with some spectacular new fireworks. We're using a lot of those in the show tomorrow night," says David Spear.

Founder of the Crescent City Countdown Club, David Spear says spectators can expect to be wowed.

"We're doing the Mardi Gras colors at the end. We're doing the Sugar Bowl colors as we play their fight songs in the melody," says Spear.

The music will not be on the radio this year; instead, you'll have to download an app on your cell phone to hear the music as the fireworks are going off. You can find the app on the Crescent City Countdown website.

"At the stroke of midnight, once they launch that out, the music will start on everybody's smart phone," says McKinley.

Instead of the normal 2,000 shells on the barge, McKinley's crew is loading up more than 10,000 shells to be launched tomorrow night. Even though rain is in the forecast, McKinley says that won't be a problem.

"This is just really carpet runner. It's used to put down over carpet when you build a brand new house, but we use it because it sticks real well, and it keeps the rain out," says McKinley.

He says the fireworks will be layered with it to prevent them from getting wet.

McKinley says the fireworks show can only be canceled by lightning and high wind.

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