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Rain drenches Sugar Bowl holiday weekend, but doesn't dampen business


The forecast in New Orleans is rainy but one bar owner in the French Quarter says weather didn't keep customers from coming to his business this holiday and football weekend.

"Nothing bad happened and you know that's a big thing here," said Jim Scruggs owner of "Beerfest Bar" on Bourbon Street.

"In the bar business people come in when it rains, so it helps people," Scruggs said.

The weather seemed to only adjust what people wore while they made their way around New Orleans.

Ponchos, coats or umbrellas in hand, there was no keeping Sooners or Tigers from enjoying the city.

"It could be worse, as long as we get out, walk around some without getting completely drenched we're good," said Andrew Dempsey who drove his family in from Alabama.

The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau reports New Orleans could see up to $175 million dollars pumped into the local economy after the Sugar Bowl.

With the NBA All-Star game and Mardi Gras up next on his schedule, Scruggs says it's time to reap the fiscal harvest before the summer lull.

"Not 'til June I expect, you gotta work every day until it slows down because you gotta make it when you can because when it gets slow, it gets slow,"? Scruggs said.

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