U.S. Coast Guard closes part of the Mississippi River due to heavy fog

Foggy Morning Commute

(WVUE) - Heavy fog has forced the U.S. Coast Guard to close a stretch of the Mississippi River near Algiers Point.

The river is closed from mile marker 93.5 to mile marker 95.

The fog is not making the back to work commute easy on the roads either.

At the Elysian Fields on ramp to Interstate 610 fog was thick and getting worse heading toward downtown New Orleans.

Drivers are advised to keep lights set on low beams. Vehicles equipped with fog lights are ideal in heavily foggy conditions.

Drivers are also advised to allow extra time to finish the morning commute.

Reduced speed and increased distance between cars is the safest way to get through a foggy commute, traffic experts say.

"If you're following a vehicle you want to give about five to seven seconds between you and the car in front of you," said Don Redman, spokesman for AAA of Louisiana and Mississippi. "Look at a fixed object when that car in front to you passes and count up to five to seven seconds so you have time to react in case of a sudden stop."

A dense fog was over the Crescent City Connection and a thick fog is reported coming into the city from New Orleans East.

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