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Kenner residents fired up over boat ordinance go before city council

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Some neighbors are fired up over where they can park their boats, and they sounded off about it Thursday night.

One by one, boat owners went before the Kenner City Council with a loud and clear message that got heated at times. They're upset over an ordinance that would make it illegal to park their boats in front of their homes. 

The ordinance was passed last April and would be enforced starting this April. Those in violation could face fines or jail time. The city said it received complaints from neighbors about the boats. But now, after hearing how mad boat owners are about it, the mayor and council want to defer enforcement of the city code for a year to give them time to revisit the ordinance and come up with a compromise that makes everyone happy. 

"We will look to find a solution to the problem and that can be from appealing it, to just grandfathering, or registrations - all sorts of ideas and gamut will come up that everybody will have an opportunity to present to us," said Kenner Acting Mayor Michael Sigur.

The proposal to defer enforcement of the ordinance will go before the planning and zoning commission Jan. 25. Then, the city council will likely vote on it in March. 

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