Juan's World: A Necessary Saints Re-shuffling

Juan and Sean: Firing assistants was long overdue

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and Finally!!!! A sign that the front office isn't happy with missing the playoffs again. Not happy with that becoming the status quo with this organization, at least for the past three seasons now.

Honestly, I don't know who made the final call on the firing of five assistant coaches and truthfully, I really don't care. But, it's about time some cages were rattled. For months I've been saying that it'd be nice to hear what the owner thought about his team and the direction they've been going in the past three seasons. I think, this was Tom Benson saying...enough is enough. Change is necessary, coach, and it begins with getting out of your comfort zone.

Joe Vitt, Greg McMahon, Bill Johnson, Stan Kwon and James Willis are all good coaches. The first three - Vitt, McMahon and Johnson - have been good coaches for this franchise for a long time. Those three were part of an amazing time in Saints history. But, their methods had become tired and old and in-effective and had begun to fall on deaf ears. And it would seem that their boss, Sean Payton, had turned a blind eye to their deficiencies far too often.

Well, Thursday on Airline drive probably felt like black Monday after the final preseason game. Only this time, it was a hand full of veteran assistants getting their release and not some no-name rookie/un-drafted free agent that's hoping to get a shot elsewhere. Now these five coaches are in their shoes. Chances are, all of them will end up somewhere in the NFL or back in college football. Some may even call it quits on coaching, preferring to ride off into the retirement sunset.

One thing is for sure: 11 years is a long time at one NFL job. And all of these men, especially Vitt, McMahon and Johnson, should have nothing but fond memories of the place they've called home for more than the past decade.

But, just like the players they coached every day, if you can't do your job well enough to get wins, then the business side of the NFL takes over.

And to that I say, well done Sean Payton for making this most difficult decision for the betterment of the franchise. It certainly put a smile on many members of the Who Dat Nation.

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