Woman shot nine times recovering slowly

Woman shot nine times recovering slowly

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The woman shot nine times while sitting on her porch near the Fairgrounds last December is recovering, despite massive trauma.

Her mother, Ramona, said her fight for survival has been tough, but she's making major improvements.

"She's been shot nine times. It's a miracle that she's still with us. At first, it was minute-to-minute and then it was every ten minutes, she was going from one end of the spectrum to the other," Ramona said.

She said her daughter still has shrapnel in her body and a bullet lodged in her neck, but she's been upgraded to a feeding tube and is able to communicate in small ways, though not enough to provide police with any leads.

"It's very hard because I want to pick her up and hold her, you know, she's my 40-year-old baby, but you can't do that," Ramona said. "She can tell you what she needs right now and the last thing we want to do is set her back, so it's gonna be a little while before she's gonna be able to tell them and let them know."

Outside of the Gentilly home, it seems the neighborhood is quiet, but there's still something haunting the victim's housemate Omra Casebolt, who said she's gone through a range of emotions since her friend was shot.

"There were shell casings all the way on my front porch, they went after her, they started shooting here and went upstairs," Casebolt said.

The shooting happened on December 14th in the 3100 block of Belfort.

Now Casebolt hopes something will break soon in the case, but she's determined not to let the violence push her from her home.

"I refuse to live in fear in my neighborhood and I think something like this," Casebolt said. "We're tired and we are gonna gather up and clean our streets up call Crimestoppers, do whatever we have to do as citizens to take our streets back.

Police said they are still actively investigating the shooting but did not have any additional updates. If you have information that can help contact Crimestoppers.

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