Happening Today: City begins installing new traffic cameras

Happening Today: City begins installing new traffic cameras

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Crews from the New Orleans Department of Public Works will begin installing new traffic cameras across the city Monday.

The cameras are designed to catch speeders in school zones.

Crews will install 55 new cameras around the city. The city says 32 of those cameras will be installed in school zones.

The cameras are set to ticket drivers who travel more than 6 mph over the speed limit.

Some of the new cameras will be mobile, giving the New Orleans Police Department the option to move the cameras to different intersections around the city.

The city estimates the new cameras will add $5 million in additional revenue to the $15 million collected annually by cameras already installed.

The department of public works claims 80 percent of drivers who receive a citation do not receive a second.

Skipping the bill payment does have consequences.

"When it becomes delinquent, you will become boot eligible and ultimately, you drive around the city the boot units are going to find you and there are consequences for not paying that ticket," said Col. Mark Jernigan.

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